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Dec 9, 2021

Developing Sustainable Tourism at Yatsugatake

The Tricolage Team recently took trip to the foothills of Mount Yatsugatake. While not on the typical tourist trail, the region’s stunningly varied natural features and the communities that thrive in its scenic mountainous surroundings make it an enchanting place for all kinds of visitors. 

We tested out new electric bicycles and scooters that took us around the beautiful landscapes effortlessly - visiting shrines tucked away in pine forests, gorges with crystal clear ravines, and quiet villages surrounded by rice paddies. We felt the warm welcome of local grannies who were eager to teach visitors how to cook their favorite traditional dishes. We were also delighted to have discovered a French restaurant run by an elderly couple deep in the countryside, their way of “retiring” from city life. The wife, an award-winning chef, creates the most wonderful dishes from fresh, seasonal ingredients that they grow on their farm.

Talking to local DMOs (destination management organizations) and city governments over how we can collaborate, we were very encouraged by their enthusiasm in advancing sustainable tourism, and the efforts they’ve been putting in to enhance the visitor experience while ensuring sustainable development. It was reassuring to see how closely they engage with local communities to develop areas and activities that the locals themselves are proud of and want to showcase to visitors.

It is vital we work closely with local communities to develop a destination for tourism. This allows us to offer a truly authentic and immersive experience to our guests in a meaningful way, while ensuring that such experiences are respectful and beneficial to these communities. 

Image by Drew Beamer


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