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Teshima island in Kagawa


We envision a world where happiness is experienced by all

At Tricolage, our vision extends beyond traditional travel paradigms. We aspire to create a world where happiness knows no bounds, where individuals, communities, and the planet collectively thrive through sustainable tourism. This vision propels us to go beyond the ordinary, shaping experiences that leave a positive and lasting impact on the global travel landscape.


We exist to drive sustainable tourism in Japan and beyond

Our mission is rooted in the profound belief that travel can be a force for positive change. Tricolage exists to craft sustainable journeys that transcend the ordinary, fostering growth, awareness, and happiness.
We are on a mission to:

  • Drive Sustainable Tourism in Japan and Beyond:

    • Leading by example through GSTC certification and pioneering sustainable tourism practices.

    • Serving as a thought leader in the industry, setting new benchmarks for responsible travel.

  • Educate and Advocate for Responsible Travel:

    • Going beyond traditional roles as suppliers by actively engaging in traveler education and advocacy.

    • Simplifying the decision-making process for travelers, making sustainable choices accessible and appealing.

  • Reduce Overtourism and Promote Less-Visited Regions:

    • Actively developing and promoting lesser-known regions, diversifying travel experiences.

    • Contributing to the global effort to reduce overtourism and its associated negative impacts.

  • Minimize Global Environmental Impact:

    • Implementing measures to reduce our global environmental footprint.

    • Contributing to broader initiatives focused on preserving the planet for future generations.


Tricolage is dedicated to realizing our vision through these policies, ensuring each journey contributes positively to society and the environment.

1. Responsible Management and Operations:

  • Committed to high standards of responsible, transparent, and accountable business operations.

  • Striving for GSTC certification and adherence to the GSTC-I Criteria.

  • Ongoing monitoring of legal compliance, ethical standards, and international values.

2. Responsible Product Development and Marketing:

  • Prioritizing local benefits, cultural preservation, and minimal environmental impact in product development.

  • Transparent and accurate marketing, avoiding false impressions.

3. Responsible Travelers:

  • Promoting responsible travelers' behavior through a Responsible Traveler's Guide and Travel Pledge.

4. Responsible Procurement and Responsible Suppliers:

  • Upholding our core values through the implementation of sound purchasing policies.

  • Collaboration with suppliers for sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

  • Preference for suppliers with recognized sustainability certifications.

5. Stakeholder Feedback:

  • Gathering and reviewing customer, supplier, and community feedback regularly.

  • Utilizing feedback to enhance sustainability efforts and minimize negative impacts.

6. Staff - Hiring, Promotion, Engagement, and Training:

  • Prioritizing happy, engaged, and well-treated staff, adhering to the core values of decent work.

  • Ongoing training, emphasizing sustainability, and maintaining a training log.

7. Environmental Impact Policy:

  • Promoting the utilization of public transportation for both customers and our staff.

  • Commitment to calculating and offsetting operational and guest carbon footprints.

  • Prioritizing water-conservation initiatives and waste reduction at accommodation providers.

Tricolage is the first GSTC certified company in Japan 

In 2022, Tricolage achieved the GSTC Tour Operator Certification from Control Union, one of the third-party international certification organizations accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), making Tricolage the first tour operator in Japan to receive the GSTC Tour Operator Certification.

In 2024, we are proud to announce the renewal of this certificaction, which reaffirms our commitment to sustainable tourism based on international standards.

Our global sustainability network

As a member of the following global sustainability communities, we actively participate in their work to promote the widespread adoption of sustainable tourism principles and tourism recovery strategies, to maximize positive impacts for communities, environments, and the World.


A few examples

Prioritise Public Transportation

We’ll prioritize utilizing Japan’s fantastic rail network, and use low-emission vehicles when necessary.

Pre-journey Education of Local Culture

Know before you go. We’ll brief you with tips on local customs and how to be a culturally-conscious visitor.

Eat Local and Seasonal Produce

Japan produces some of the best fruits and vegetables in the world. Eat local and seasonal to improve health, reduce food emissions, and help reduce food waste.

Measure, Reduce, Offset your Footprint

We measure and reduce the carbon footprint of your journey, and source Certified Carbon Offsets to ensure a net-zero impact.

Assess Suppliers' Green Credentials

We’ll look for, and book directly with the most sustainable hotels, tour operators, and events providers.

Sustainable Travel Pledge 

Travellers are encouraged to sign a pledge to challenge themselves, and to commit to travel responsibly and sustainably. 

Image by Rikki Chan
GSTC logo - Tricolage


Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), initiated by the United Nations Foundation, establishes and manages the GSTC Criteria, the global standard in sustainable travel and tourism. 

We are proud to become one of the early members of the GSTC in Japan, and joined this global community to promote sustainable tourism principles and practices around the globe, particularly here in Japan. 

FoT Supporter_RGB.png

Future of Tourism

Tricolage is a signatory to the Future of Tourism Coalition, a global movement that places destination needs at the center of tourism’s new future. 
We are committed to align our tourism recovery strategies with the coalition’s transformative Guiding Principles, to retain the integrity of destinations, promote inclusivity and equality, maximizes positive impacts for communities and environments, and foster collaborative change.

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Our Sustainable Travel Report 2023

Want more details on how we contribute to sustainable tourism development?

You can now download our Sustainable Travel Report 2023 by subscribing to our Newsletter!

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