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Dec 14, 2021

Revitalization Project in Wakayama

Last week, we went to the beach 😎 But instead of sipping cocktails in sandals (it was 11℃ after all), we were one of 52 companies across Japan invited to the town of Nanki-Shirahama (南紀白浜) in Wakayama Prefecture (和歌山県) to take part in a conference to kick-off a project to help revitalize the region. The project brings together organizations across different industries - including infrastructure, transport, technology, and tourism - to consult with local businesses to understand their needs and challenges, and design long-term sustainable solutions for revitalization developments of the region. 

Leading the charge for spearheading revitalization through tourism, our very own Fumiko Yoshida shared Tricolage’s vision for building the local tourism industry based on principles for sustainable development, explaining the importance and the benefits of planning for tourism that centers around community engagement and development.

We also met and spoke directly with a number of local businesses to understand the real issues they face that come with the seasonal nature of tourism in this resort town, and how they want to see their region being revitalized. 

And while the beach was off the agenda, we did get to enjoy a different kind of treat: delicious seafood chankonabe (a type of Japanese hot pot) prepared by a professional sumo wrestler who holds the record for having the longest competitive sumo career in Japan! Incidentally, chankonabe is commonly eaten by sumo wrestlers as part of a weight-gain diet…

Image by Drew Beamer


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