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Apr 8, 2024

トラベルジャーナル2024年4月8日号に取り上げられました!Featured in the Japanese travel magazine "Travel Journal"


乱立するエコラベル どうする持続可能な観光の認証取得




Featured by Travel Journal (8th April 2024 Issue)

Navigating the Proliferation of Eco-Labels: Obtaining Certification for Sustainable Tourism 

[Special Feature]

In the realm of sustainable tourism, where considerations for the environment, society, and economy are paramount, obtaining certification has become an essential requirement for tourism-related businesses and stakeholders. One method to demonstrate responsibility is through eco-label certification, and an increasing number of businesses are exploring the path to certification. However, the surge in demand has led to a proliferation of eco-labels, prompting concerns from international organizations once again.


  • Practitioner Perspectives Fumiko Yoshida (Co-founder and COO of Tricolage)

  • The Perspective of Businesses Seeking Certification Takeaki Shibuya (Director of the International Certification Department, Japan Association for Responsible Travel & Tourism)

  • Outlook for Sustainable Travel Hidetoshi Kobayashi (Visiting Professor, Hokkaido University Tourism Research Center)

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Image by Drew Beamer


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