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Mar 27, 2022

Japanese Company selects Tricolage to plan Workation

🌳 Lying on a forest floor listening to the breeze flowing through the tall trees…
🫑 Picking and tasting freshly grown vegetables straight from the soil…
🥘 Eating hearty home-cooked food in a century-old farmhouse while chatting with people who are passionate about a cause…

This might not sound like a typical day in the office, but these are just a few of the things our clients experienced during their recent ‘workation’ trip.

Looking to learn about sustainability through engaging experiences, JMA (Japan Management Association) commissioned us to organize a trip that would also inspire new ideas for upcoming projects and ways of working. It was a short trip, but there were plenty of experiences and learning opportunities, while of course time to relax and enjoy fantastic food. 

Some of the highlights included:
- Having real, honest conversations with people taking on local social and economic challenges;
- Tasting the freshest local produce cooked by locals who know how make the most of each ingredient
- Learning about and experiencing first-hand how the city of Chino is developing tourism in a conscious way that supports the local community while preserving the simple yet luxurious charms of rural life;
- Seeing incredible opportunities in the “normal” e.g. how a humble farm can be a tool for tourism, education, regional revitalization, development of circular economy…

In the foothills of Japan’s most majestic mountains, a world away from the frantic atmosphere of big cities, yet only two hours from central Tokyo, this was a convenient and fruitful experience for our clients who went home feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready for new challenges 🎐

Image by Drew Beamer


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