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A luxurious escape from life's demands

Updated: May 3

Deepen your cultural journey with us

Ready to start your sustainable travel experience?

Discover the harmony and beauty of Japan during a journey uniquely yours. Adapting to your travel dreams, we tailor-make an unforgettable trip crafted ​to your needs.  

Have a look to some of the stunning destinations you can explore with us.

We take you to the lesser-known places on a journey back in time to get away from it all. Revitalise all five senses surrounded by the harmony and elegance of nature's colours, in the warm atmosphere of its scent.

Be inspired by the unseen and surprised by new flavours. Dive deep into the high culture and the everyday lives of local people and take a moment of wellbeing.


There is a place in Japan where you can forget about the world surrounded by the power that nourishes the vestiges of the past. Recharge your batteries with the strength of Japan's centuries-old tradition in an environment steeped in history. Discover traces of ancient routes that take you back in time, the perfect scenario for your well-being.

Harmonise your senses in an escape that assures relaxation thanks to the silence and harmony of historic shrines in a Network of World Heritage Pilgrimage Trails. A sacred rock over 40 metres high stands like a giant to remind you of the greatness of the world and help you to forget life demands. A perfect place to indulge in a self-care whim, pamper yourself and rest your mind and soul.


Surrounded by a rural landscape still intact, embark on a flavourful journey in Maruyama village. The delicacy and care with which the local farmers grow and harvest the vegetables is felt directly in every bite. French cuisine becomes at Tamba Sasayama a delight of new flavours, infused with locally sourced spring ingredients.

A select and refined selection of wines from around the world accompanies your culinary journey with grace and elegance in a renovated 150 year old house. Relaxation time surrounded by the natural calm in the Japanese countryside. The rare pearl that nourishes all your senses.


Close to the city of Kyoto and far enough away to forget the hustle and bustle of the streets, there is the rural village of Miayama. This charming place welcomes you to experience a journey to ancient times. Escape from the mundane and enjoy a thatched-roof farmhouse all to yourself.

Do you want to know what it feels like to stay in a house with roofs made using the Intangible Cultural Heritage Kayabuki technique? Can you already imagine what it would be like to travel back to the traditional 19th century? Wake up in this unique place surrounded by the fragrance and beauty of the trees, in a very quiet and uncrowded area, and allow yourself a complete escape.


Ready to start a journey uniquely yours?

Get in touch and let us know your wishes!


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